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How much do you value your workers’ health & safety?

Optimum Training provides specific onsite training programmes for businesses to support health and wellbeing and reduce sprain and strain injuries.

Optimum Training is the leading educator in workplace behavioural change programmes for injury prevention.

Your employees are your greatest asset, are you doing enough to protect their wellbeing?

People need to want to change to safe behaviour, they need a big ‘what’s in it for me?’ factor.

We empower your people with increased knowledge and awareness of injury-causing behaviours to create physical resilience and self-management skills.

Why choose our unique training system

Top 5 Benefits


Your people will learn valuable techniques to prevent strain and sprain injuries.

Simple & Easy

Simple solutions that make sense. The light goes on and the penny drops.

Self Responsibility

Self trust and self belief precedes self responsibility. We empower your people to do what’s best for them.

Improve Productivity

Work with less pain and fatigue for increased productivity and reduced absenteeism.

Reduced Costs

Significantly reduce the cost of lost time injuries (LTIs) from work.

Common Pain Points

Our tailored programmes help businesses solve these problems

Decreased Productivity

Did you know that over 80% of your workforce are putting up with pain and discomfort on an almost daily basis? This typically goes unreported. Too often, Kiwis take a 'she’ll be right' attitude to pain and injury. This results in distraction, inattention, reduced quality, short-cuts, near-miss incidents, slowing down on the job, mistakes and errors, all of which affects your productivity and profitability.


Pain and discomfort are only the symptoms of an underlying cause. We address the underlying cause to reduce people’s pain and discomfort levels. Many people have lost the ability to interpret their own bodies correctly and subsequently don't correct their actions to reduce harm. Optimum Training teaches people to develop intuitive risk assessment skills and identify a strain-free, safer approach to all work tasks. This will help your people to better self-manage while on the job and improve production.
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High Injury Rates and Absenteeism

With all the emphasis and intervention in Health and Safety, injury rates are not going down. Companies invest heavily and spend thousands of dollars to upgrade equipment and improve workplace design, but that does not guarantee reduced injury rates. That is because most pain and discomfort experienced in the workplace is self-inflicted. No one deliberately hurts themselves, but people are inadvertently hurting themselves because of their habits.


Physical movement and habits are determined by individual beliefs, attitudes and thinking – not the environment. It is an individual’s mindset that determines their actions. Optimum Training addresses these elements alongside movement and action learning. People become more mindful, aware of themselves and their surroundings, changing some of the old thinking that causes the problem. We coach people to take responsibility for their own actions to prevent sprain and strain injury.
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