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History & Experience

Wayne Milicich developed a new physical performance model, The Milicich Method™, for rehabilitation and injury prevention in 1995.

This model was based on the elite sportsman, the elite uninjured worker and young children who all share common attributes of movement.

The Milicich Method has identified the deep underlying cause of strain and sprain injury is the loss of kinaesthetic intelligence.

Kinaesthetic intelligence is made up of three areas:

Our radical accelerated motor learning system can raise kinaesthetic intelligence in only a few hours of training.  

To raise kinaesthetic intelligence requires an understanding of what caused the loss. That loss stems from people’s beliefs, attitudes and thinking that in turn determines their actions.

To address only people’s physical performance without changing their beliefs, thinking, attitudes and understanding of their body’s feedback, will only achieve short-term outcomes. 

No other injury prevention programme addresses all these key elements with such an exciting delivery method and short time frame.

Everyone can learn to raise their kinaesthetic intelligence for better movement, to be more mindful and interpret feedback correctly. 

Using The Milicich Method of accelerated learning, everyone can improve their quality of life. Not just for at work, but for all aspects of life and living, work and play.

Our point of difference

Optimum Training Methodology

The MoveSmart ThinkSmart training is a behaviour change programme using strain and sprain injury prevention (manual handling training) as the forum.

As a result of our unique training system, you will see your people change their thinking, their attitudes and raise their physical performance to prevent strain and sprain injuries.

No PowerPoint, no pens, no paper, no tables are required for this training. No one ever falls asleep or gets bored. This training is face-to-face, interactive and engaging.

The MoveSmart ThinkSmart training is undertaken in a small group environment of up to 13 people, over four hours.

Optimum Training is the leading educator in workplace injury reduction, stress management and positive behaviour change.

​We give people an understanding of the underlying causes of ALL their muscle and joint pain and equip them with the means to:

​We recognize every person as their own expert. Rather than telling people what they should do, we offer possibilities of what they could do differently and help people work out what is best for them.

Behaviour change Programmes

We use the MoveSmart ThinkSmart methodology throughout all of our programmes. Our programmes are designed to meet your needs.


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