Move Smart Think Smart

MoveSmart ThinkSmart

Do your employees know how to stay safe in your workplace?

Movesmart thinksmart Training

MoveSmart ThinkSmart is undertaken in small groups of up to 13 people, over four hours.

We give people an understanding of the underlying causes of all their muscle and joint pain, and equip them with the means to:

We recognise every person as their own expert. Rather than telling people what they should do, we offer possibilities of what they could do differently and help people work out what is best for them.

MoveSmart ThinkSmart follow-up courses

After completing MoveSmart ThinkSmart, additional programmes are available that set your organisation up for long-term results.

MoveSmart ThinkSmart add-ons

MoveSmart PLUS

The MoveSmart PLUS programme includes the MoveSmart ThinkSmart training, with the additional benefit of onsite, job specific coaching to help address existing pain and strain issues.

This is a highly recommended option, as it helps your people apply the techniques they have learnt in the training into their everyday work tasks and daily lives.

A one-on-one coaching session (following the group training) is conducted with each trainee while on the job. This takes around 15 minutes per person and will not interfere with production requirements.

Each participant can discuss the applications of what they have learnt relative to their own role, circumstances and work environment. Any personal issues of existing strain and sprain can be addressed and solutions offered.

coaching programme

MoveSmart Champions

MoveSmart Champions is a six hour coaching programme that empowers workplace leaders (Health and Safety Reps, Team Supervisors, Managers) to support the MoveSmart principles in your workplace.

Companies that achieve the greatest success with the MoveSmart ThinkSmart training are those that drive and support the key principles of the programme, to the point where it becomes part of the health and safety culture.

Your MoveSmart Champions will be provided with a comprehensive training manual to cover all information required to undertake this role effectively and provide ongoing reinforcement of the training.

Your Role as a Champion

Please note: Champions must have attended the full MoveSmart ThinkSmart training prior to commencing the Champions training programme. Champions are not equipped with the knowledge to facilitate the MoveSmart ThinkSmart training for your company – it is a supporting role only.

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