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Safety News & AsiaPacific Infrastructure join Optimum Training session

A Manual Handling case study

The Great Unlearning

Safety News and AsiaPacific Infrastucture publisher Mike Bishara accepts an invitation from Optimum Training to join a four-hour safety training session.

The participants found the training incredibly insightful and engaging. Read on to discover what made the training so valuable…

We had the opportunity of taking a team through a successful training session recently. Though some initial resistance was felt the participants soon relaxed into the session and were open to our reframing some of their long held instincts about movement and balance.

The training empowers people to work out the truth for themselves and trust themselves. You are the only person who can determine what works best for you. Trust yourself to make a good call.

The training goes through vitally important but easy to adopt drills that reprogramme muscle memory and empower workers.

“The most hardened cynics in our group quickly became engaged in the programme through a series of practical truths, illustrated by a range of interactions, sometimes with a workmate.”

For the full case study (including details of the daily drills) please download the Free PDF below

The training uses our four step process to ensure that what is learned is absorbed and retained. After 25 years of refinement our process is working very effecively.

With no pen, paper or tables in the room, this programme is “pure adult facilitation of kinesthetic learning followed by cognitive understanding. It is simple to restore what was once in the muscle memory when we were five to eight years old. The original neural pathways just open up again.”

For details on the training Programme that this case study covers

Optimum Training manager Dwane Steward dropping some knowledge bombs with a team. 

Participants soon learned “it was all about them” and their individual quality of life. And how 30 seconds of retraining a day, could break the harmful muscle memory that had taken over the way we did things.

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